Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Winterland Christmas Tree Card

Hi!  It's Misti again!  I actually made a card without any coloring on it!! LOL.  I really do like how this card turned out. It was much better than my first experience with Memory Box.  

In December, I ordered a die, called my mom and told her I had a new toy that I was going to bring with me to her house.  My boys had an awards banquet nearby  and we were going to spend the night with them. Mom and I were really excited to try out the new die. She pushed it through the embossing machine and we took the plate off... epic fail!  We tried again, adding a few more pieces of paper as a shim. Still didn't work. We tried a couple of more times and our luck didn't change, so we gave up. 

Fast forward to this summer. I really paid attention to a couple of blogs that were showing off the newest release and I realized that I had forgotten one important thing... the metal shim!  Learn from me and get a metal shim!  LOL.

Supplies used:
Layering Swatches -I used the Dark Green 
The Cuttlehug - Cheery Lynn Designs - Large Shim

Great card for the holidays, Misti! 

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1 comment:

Christi said...

What a beautiful card, Misti!!!