Sunday, February 17, 2013

Glittery Peony

Hi, Holly here.  Today I'm sharing this glittery peony card with you, and I'll be honest.  I totally squealed when I finished this card.  I love this glittery flower!!!

I started by cutting the Lovely Peony Outline from black cardstock and carefully pulling it out of the die.  I cut a piece of the 6x6 Double-sided Adhesive Sheet just big enough to fit the Lovely Peony Background and adhered one side of it to some white cardstock.  I left the adhesive paper backing on the other side and placed the Lovely Peony Background die onto it and cut it out.

Now with my sticky adhesive background flower and my black outline flower, I worked very slowly and carefully.  I peeled the backing off the top of my adhesive flower and laid down the black outline flower onto the adhesive, matching up the edges very carefully.  Once my black outline was in place, I pressed it down to seal the two flower die cuts together.

Next, I pulled out my Chantilly glitter and poured it over my adhesive flower.  This Chantilly glitter is gorgeous!  It's got a gold/yellow undertone with pinks and roses and and a hint of brown in it.  You can see the gorgeous colors in the close-up picture.  The areas that were not covered up with the black outline were the sticky part of the background flower and the glitter sticks beautifully to this adhesive sheet.  

I set aside my glittery flower and put together my card by cutting some papers from the Printery Collection (Prima) and glued them to some vanilla cardstock.  I wrapped some Black Cluny lace around the the middle of the two papers and glued them down on the back of the vanilla cardstock.  I then adhered the papers to a black card base.  The glittery flower was affixed to the card with some Joy Foam Pads (small).

I absolutely love the way the glittery flower turned out!  Now I want to try this with all the different colors of glitter that I have!  I could also use different colors of cardstock for the outline instead of the black that I used here.  Wouldn't this be gorgeous with some deep red glitter and a pale pink outline?  What about a sunny yellow glittery flower with a chocolate brown outline?  I could also see a beautiful blue glitter with a white outline and a purple glitter with a pale blue outline.  See, the possibilities are endless!!!  :-)
So pretty, Holly!  This is one of those cards that can not only be made in many different ways as Holly mentioned, but is also suitable for many occasions!

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Thanks for stopping by!!!  Until next time...

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Judy said...

Beautiful card. Recently purchased this die set myself and think the possibilities are endless. Haven't tried the glitter yet but you have inspired me to get some out and give it a try. Love the colour you chose.