Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog candy WINNER!!!

Did you see Holly's cute Country Jar of Flowers card yesterday?   Vicki Romaine is the lucky winner of the Tall Canning Jar die cut from Memory Box offered on that post!

A note from Holly:

I love the ideas that all you ladies came up with.  Bumblebees would be adorable in this jar - that reminds me of the lightning bugs we used to catch when I was a kid.  How cute would it be to fill this jar with water and and have a fish or two in it?  My nephews would love that for a birthday card!  I love the idea of a ship in a bottle!  How creative is that?  Wouldn't that be nice for a Father's Day card??  And a vellum jar with vintage buttons would be so beautiful.  I can just see that in my head with lace and maybe a thimble and some scissors.....  oooohhh!!!   

Thank you so much for your comments and wonderful ideas, ladies!!
I appreciate everyone who commented with such great ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Until next time...

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